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Assembled, ready to install Yoga Wall with 15 Wall Plates.
Made from Okoume.
122cm x 220cm.

Beautifully crafted, ready to install Yoga Wall with 15 flush mounted patented Wall Plates. Made from Okoumé Combiplex from Joubert, a PEFC certified plywood manufacturer. Finished with two coats of durable, skin friendly and sweat resistant varnish.

The Yoga Wall Panels with 15 Wall Plates can be used as a stand-alone Yoga Wall or can be installed end to end to make a continuous Yoga Wall as long as you like. Each Deluxe Yoga Wall Panel with 15 Wall Plates is 1 and 1/2 stations, or enough space for one and a half people. Two such Yoga Wall Panels will provide you with 3 stations or a Yoga Wall for 3 people. Check ‘Plan your Wall’ to determine how much Yoga Wall Panels and Yoga Wall Items you will need based on the total length of Yoga Wall you wish to install.